Finding Ways to Workout During COVID

One of my favorite parts of Sai Ying Pun so far is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. It faces Victoria Harbour and has a beautiful view across the water. There is also space for running, lots of green grass for laying out or doing yoga, and, now, lots of people practicing their different workout routines both in groups and individually.

Since Hong Kong was ordered to shelter, the part of my routine I’ve missed the most is going to the gym. I am not the most motivated exerciser unless I have a scheduled class with an instructor and classmates. I love going into studios for yoga, pilates, cycling, HIIT…you name it, I’m down to try out the class for it.

So I jumped at the chance when my friend invited me to a boxing/HIIT class in the park this past weekend. These private classes are a little pricey, and the weather is getting a bit too warm, but I figured one class wouldn’t hurt. And it turned out to be tons of fun!
Our instructor taught three of us girls the basic steps and moves for boxing (which is more fun and complex than I would have thought). Then we took turns each working on cardio, legs, arms, abs, and boxing sessions. My hands had never felt so sore, but the boxing was too fun to stop until it was time to go.

Gyms are starting to open up again, so the stray exercise groups will probably leave the park soon. But I now see the appeal of spending the hour in the sun trying something new.


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