Junk Boat Season in Hong Kong

Ever since I arrived in Hong Kong, I’ve been hearing about one experience over and over again: spending a summer day on a junk boat. Basically, one person or group of people hires a boat to take their friends out on the water for a day of eating, drinking, and having a grand time. The amount of people on a boat seem to range from about 10 to 50… it depends on what you desire!
I was told about this event so much from friends that I was (1) very excited and (2) wondering if the experience was over hyped. Luckily, I recently got to go on three separate junk boats, all planned by friends.
The experience definitely depends on who you’re with and the accessories of the boat. Some of the boats have slides, accompanying banana boats, wakeboarding, jet skis, and more. I can confidently say my expectations for the days out on the water were fully met, and more. It’s such a blast just to have a day out in the sun, socializing or taking part in water activities.
As long as you bring lots of sunscreen and drink enough water, it’s always a day filled with fun!

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