Bamboo Yoga on the Beach

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted. It’s funny how we start hobbies, and life easily makes us forget about them. I plan to spend a lot of time this upcoming week updating this blog with the fun things I’ve done in HK this past year and talk about how I ended up in a Covid quarantine hotel…in Bangkok. Where I don’t live or know anyone.

But first, the fun stuff.

In September, my housemate decided she wanted to have her birthday doing something you don’t do every day, or maybe even ever: Bamboo yoga! We went through the cutest little company that offers groups an aerial yoga workshop, takes them to a fairly secluded beach, and lets them practice their new aerial skills on bamboo poles as they take lots of pictures.

It was so much fun doing a little exploring in a new area and spending the day out in the sun. It sometimes feels like too much of a journey to go one of the nicer beaches from Hong Kong Island, but it’s almost always worth it.

The one part that felt a little silly is that there were strangers staring, and sometimes even taking pictures of us. Maybe it looked like we were there to put in a show.

To make things even better, we got to leave the beach on one of the many speed boats that transport people around multiple beaches and docks. (I am so glad I am not one to get seasick.) I was glad and impressed that my housemate came up with such a creative way to celebrate her special day. I am not sure if I’ll be using bamboo sticks anytime in the future, but I do love aerial yoga and hope to do it again soon.

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