Camping Made Easy

I have been camping on Hong Kong’s beaches a few times now, and besides the traffic and costs to get over there, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it. There is something so magical about relying on the weather, sky, and surroundings without any of the usual comforts.

Before, I had gone camping on these beaches will companions who were pretty experienced and knowledgeable about what they were doing. So, I was hoping to go again with a member of these groups. However, the Hong Kong summer had been getting closer, and I had no camping plans before it became unbearably hot. So, I took my friend who’s never camped in Hong Kong before with me for an experience to stay on the beach. I was a little unsure of how it would go.

Luckily for us, camping on Sai Kung beaches could not be easier. We took a taxi over to the Sai Kung pier, where we were picked up by a boat company to tow us over to the spot. (Many people take these boats everyday for a simple day at the beach or water experience. They are usually about $300 round-trip.)

Once we got to the beach, we decided to quickly head over to the rental shop to rent our sleeping bag and tent. Once done, we quickly set up our tent (which was quickly covered in sand) and relaxed for the afternoon.

We got dinner at the local beach restaurant, picked up firewood from around our area, had plenty of wine, and made some s’mores with a fire that burned out super quickly. Once it was about 10, we were already tired and fell asleep shortly.

It was a really fun night, but my favorite part of this camping experience was waking up at about 7, when it was already getting a little too hot. I walked out to the water and got in to float and relax, with barely anyone else up and around. This was the most peaceful experience imaginable, staring at the sea and green mountains around, it being so quiet and bright. I wish I could wake up everyday like that.

This is something I maybe won’t experience much again after leaving Hong Kong, as I don’t know many places that make camping so unbelievably easy and have the beneficial weather of Hong Kong in spring/fall that is both not too hot and not too cold all day and night. Writing this post has been a good reminder that I want to do it many more times until then.

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