Disneyland HK

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote in here, and I know I’m going to go back one day and wish I was more consistent with my posts. So, it’s time for some catch-up. It’s been so nice that things have opened back up in a more comfortable way in Hong Kong – while I can’t leave and explore, at least there’s more exploring to do here. One thing that was recently opened is Disneyland Hong Kong.

While nothing quite compares to California’s Disneyland, their Disneyland-themed MTR is so adorable. Stepping onto the park was also a pretty nice change from the day-to-day of buildings and crowds. Almost like a little holiday away.

Some of the highlights from the day were Space Mountain, delicious burgers, a fun Toy Story ride, and lots of beautiful decorations.

One last great perk of Hong Kong Disneyland is that there was a discount going on for Hong Kong residents – we get to go to Disneyland twice for the price of one! I’ll be back again in a week to do everything we didn’t do before (mostly the plays).

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