A Lovely Stay in Stanley

Life in Hong Kong has been as quiet as it can go for this city. We haven’t been allowed to travel or go to the gym, bars, amusement parks, restaurants… the list goes on. So, when Chinese New Year came around, everyone’s plans were pretty low-key and quiet.

Luckily, I had a friend who invited me for a staycation at the Stanley Oriental Hotel. Stanley is a nice distance away from the rest of the hubbub on Hong Kong Island, so I was pretty excited to say yes and have a night on the beachfront. And the location and view of the hotel does not disappoint at all.

The hotel is right next to the Stanley Market and above the main row of bars, restaurants, and shops. Such an amazing location for any walking around or beach time! Best of all was the jacuzzi at the top of the building, which we could reserve and watch the sun start go down. Definitely an ideal way to relax on the first day of the holiday.

Unfortunately, the many more photos I took have been lost because I later broke my phone. However, the staycation reminded me how nice it is to get away to the beach areas around Hong Kong. I hope to go again someday and have a nice, relaxing stay again.

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