Biking in the New Territories

Happy New Year! Although it may seem a little cheesy, I’ve always been big into the idea that the new year means new beginnings and adventures. And I’ve started this year strong with going on not one – but TWO – cycling rides for the first time in many, many years. I’ve recently learned Hong Kong has lots of cute paths for renting a bike and exploring around. Better yet, many of these paths are in the New Territories, which I’ve barely been to despite living here a year! So when I was invited to go on a couple of cycling trips around this unfamiliar area, I was thrilled to say yes.

You could see a statue of Guan Yin throughout the trail.

There are a couple of places to start and end this biking adventure. For my first trip, we started in Tai Wei, travelled all the way near the Tsz Shan Monastery, and then made our way back. This was nice as you could stare at the scenic water canal for the majority of the ride, which is the prettiest part.

For the second ride, we started in Sha Tin and made our way to the Tai Po Reservoir, a beautiful path in the middle of the water that is great for pictures and views. To get to this spot, you need to bike quite a bit farther and next to busy streets with some crowds. Luckily, when you get near the end, you have the option to drop your bike off and sit at a nice restaurant for a bite or explore the area.


Another great thing is that no matter where you start or end, there is bound to be an MTR station or bus stops nearby to start the journey home. As a confused expat who lives on Hong Kong Island, this is always helpful. But these adventures were a good reminder that I should be venturing off the island more than I have been lately. Even though I haven’t been able to travel out of Hong Kong for a year (!!!) now, there is still so much I haven’t seen yet.

A beautiful sunset on the bus ride back.

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