Fishing for Squid

Last week I got to take part in the unusual experience of fishing for squid. Squid and squid ink are delicious, so I was really excited to learn that we would not only be fishing but also get the chance to eat the squid after.


The experience of fishing was actually a bit difficult when the time came. According to our boat’s fisherman, the sea near us was filled with squid just a couple of weeks ago. Then the recent typhoon hit, which made them all migrate elsewhere. Our boat only caught two squids total, and none were from me! (And I tried REALLY hard.)


I will say, fishing is a very weird process. I felt like I was doing something evil, watching a squid wriggle for its life and eventually take its last breath. Although I am a meat eater, I don’t think I could ever do any sort of hunting, and I’m always tempted to eat less meat and sometimes even forgo it completely. I think the process would be shocking to lots of people if they had to take care of catching and serving their own food.

Anyways. Although we weren’t the most successful fishermen, we did get to bring the squid back and take it to a chef to be cooked. We got to eat our catchings (which were tasty), along with chicken, pork, fish, fried noodles, bok choy, and more.


Overall, I would really like to do it again. And maybe actually catch a squid! The nice thing about Hong Kong is there are often unusual things like this to do behind every corner.


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