Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is such a staple to residents and tourists of Hong Kong Island alike, so I’m really shocked I haven’t written a piece on it yet.

It’s popular with tourists because of the Peak Tram, the historical scenic route that quickly drives large groups to the top of the mountain (fun fact: it started running in 1888). Not only is this an easy ride up, but it also includes a beautiful view at the top with tons of restaurants and shopping.

Victoria Peak’s popular with the locals because of…probably the same reasons…but also, there’s a nicely challenging and lovely hike to the top! This hike can be done early morning or late at night and takes less than two hours. There are many nice views on the way up, and you may run into some boars or fairly large spiders.

I recently had the experience of reaching the very top of the mountain, even higher than Victoria Peak, which is known as High West. Once you get to the local Victoria Peak dining and shopping center, you can take about 20 minutes to continue walking up a set of stairs. This is difficult but worth it if you have the time and energy.


Oh, and this is especially hard when following mask regulations.


How do people do intense running and workouts in these?! Either way, hiking up here is a great opportunity on a clear day.

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