I Love Victoria Park

I have one week left of living in Causeway Bay, and I am surprisingly not feeling too much pre-nostalgia or wistfulness for the place I’ve called home for almost three months. This may be because of all the weirdness and uncertainty going on during this time. Or maybe it’s because I know my job will continue to be in Causeway Bay, bringing me back here almost every day of the week. Either way, there is one spot I know I will miss most of all: the beautiful Victoria Park.


Victoria Park was my first workout spot in Hong Kong, before I discovered any gym or yoga studio. I would get here early in the morning or late in the evening to run around the track. Although small, this track is the first area outdoors where I’ve ever truly enjoyed running. This is because of it’s clearly marked distances and clear rules for joggers. It can convince the most certain non-runners (me) to try it out.


Otherwise, Victoria Park is just a beautiful spot. It is so green and peaceful in the chaos of Causeway Bay, an amazing city that can feel overcrowded and suffocating. But anyone who feels overwhelmed by the streets in this area can easily wind up in the park for a nice touch of nature.

I intend to find other jogging trails closer toward me once I move locations, but I hope to come to Victoria Park every once in awhile. Because, even though I’m still brand new to Hong Kong, it feels like a little touch of home.


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