The Ups and Downs of Kowloon Peak

This past weekend I had the pleasure of once again getting together with a few girlfriends to hike Kowloon Peak. While our intention was to go all the way to Suicide Cliff (which is accessed through Kowloon Peak), we ended up taking quite a long way that left us wanting to save that for a later date. I do badly want to see the views from the top of the cliff and plan to one day, but honestly, I can’t imagine it getting much better than seeing the beauty of Hong Kong from just the bottom of the peak.


We started hiking directly from the Choi Hung MTR but eventually realized that many people take a car or bus a bit closer to Kowloon Peak. This makes a big difference I’m sure, as we started off hiking many stairs. However, we were almost immediately surrounded by nature and greenery, making it all worth it.

The hike up to Kowloon Peak itself was on a fairly narrow road with many cars coming down and people walking up. It’s important to keep an eye open during this part as it’s clear lots of cars aren’t being that careful. A rolling car even hit a woman in my group with their side mirror! That derailed the trip quite a bit, as a passenger then got out of the car and tried to argue that it was the woman’s fault that she got hit by the car. (Life tip: If you bump someone with your vehicle, you are almost always completely in the wrong no matter what.)


Luckily, my friend was okay and we were able to keep moving after that fiasco. It was a long journey both up and down, and my legs were aching by the end, but it was such a beautiful trail with amazing scenery. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys walking and wants a small challenge.



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