Lion Rock on a Cloudy Day

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of hiking. So for my second hike of Hong Kong, I decided to take on Lion Rock. I was initially planning to go on my own, but was luckily enough to have a friend join me last minute! I believe there are plenty of benefits to hiking alone and taking in the scenery when necessary, but if hiking can be used for quality time with others, then the more the merrier.

Personally, I was kind of surprised by how hard the hike ended up being. I thought its difficulty level was a little downplayed by review websites. We were breathing heavily and taking many breaks throughout the hike, and at the end of the day, my legs were paying the hefty price. I would definitely give at least five hours to complete the hike fully.

But, as usual, it was worth it for the iconic view. It wasn’t the clearest of days for looking out into the distance, but I still would’ve picked it over hiking in the boiling hot summer. Even when conditions aren’t 100% convenient or ideal, I never regret or question a day spent out in nature. The only question I have now is where my next hike will be…


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