Hiking the Dragon’s Back

One thing that is clear to anyone who’s ever took a trip to Hong Kong is how it is a hustling, bustling metropolis center. I wondered about how this change in my life would feel once I began getting settled. What would a concrete jungle do to my mental health?

Fortunately, only good things so far. I so far love the people, food, and shopping all around. Each new day feels like an exciting new adventure. What I also love is that there are actually plenty of opportunities to get away to nature for the day when one requires it. So luckily, I may never have to worry about separation anxiety from nature again. Not with hikes like Dragon’s Back.


The hike is so green that it’s hard to not look in awe around. And when you get to the top…that’s a whole other story. Beaches, boats, and buildings next to blue water surround you on every side.


It’s hard to not love the world from certain angles.

Hiking has always been important to me as I’ve felt a connection and sense of calm whenever I’m surrounded by nature since a young age. Even though as kids we don’t really appreciate our opportunities for playing in the grass and lying with the bugs. We don’t do that enough as adults. So, the next time you have an afternoon to spare, I recommend going on a hike with yourself. Hikes with friends are great, too, but a hike on your own may help you feel more connected with the earth if you are ever feeling a little lost. This is because connecting to the earth lets you connect with yourself.

Happy hiking!


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