4 Reasons Why I Love Pilates

I have been practicing pilates regularly for several years now, but it is only recently that I have been truly active in the exercises and community. For me, pilates started as an easy way to stay active and fit during college. Then I quickly learned that it helps with scoliosis (which I have) as well as other forms of body pain, and I was hooked.

But pilates brings lots of benefits for people of all kinds. For those who are curious, here are four reasons why pilates is a great option for those looking for an active hobby.

The community

The studio you choose to take classes at and get involved with can become your next community of people. This becomes true if you take classes regularly as your teachers will begin to learn about your body, you will learn about yourself, and you will learn about those around you. Personally, it’s fascinating to learn how my body is different than others’ and why we choose to do the activity we do.

There are also podcastsblogs, and regular conferences to attend to get more involved and knowledgeable.

The self-healing

As I stated above, pilates helps with pain and other long-term issues for those who have scoliosis. And luckily, it does even more than that

For those who have back pain, tension in their shoulders or neck, or any other kind of body discomfort, pilates may well just be a great option on the road to recovery. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone who has a regular desk and computer job. People of all ages and fitness levels take part in pilates classes.

Note: If you do have pain, make sure you practice pilates with a trained professional to learn what’s best for you!

The abs

A classmate of mine once told me she started practicing pilates to obtain her goal of “having a six pack for her 40th birthday.” She accomplished that goal.

Outside of healing any pain, pilates has the sweet benefit of creating great abs and core muscles. So many of the exercises involve ab work! My stomach is never looking better than when I’m going to classes regularly.

The peace of mind

Exercising in general is a great way to feel better and find peace of mind as the activity releases endorphins. I think this goes double for pilates as it helps ease pain and stretch your muscles in ways that other fitness activities do not.

Nothing matches the feeling of accomplishment and ease of the body as I walk out of a pilates class, and it’s a sensation I believe everybody should experience.

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