5 Goals I’m Pursuing for My Mornings

I’m going to cut to the chase: I am NOT a morning person. Never have been. Nothing was more painful than hearing my 7 A.M alarm go off everyday for school during my childhood. And as an adult, it’s only gotten mildly easier.

So, now in my twenty-sixth year of my life, I am inspired to break the pattern and attempt to become more of a morning person to improve my happiness, health, and lifestyle. Here are five things I am interested in doing to make mornings my bitch.


I am undoubtedly a reader. I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of cozying up with a book and cup of tea, and I love transporting into a different universe. Whether it’s a murder mystery like All the Missing Girls or if I’m finding inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic for the tenth time, I will happily read it. And since reading helps calm me down, why not start off my mornings with it?


Is anyone else hearing about meditating everywhere they go? It’s suddenly the new craze, with tons of meditation apps and stories about how CEOs find their success through meditation.

And while I know some prefer to go against the status quo, I usually believe if something is popular then there might pretty good reason. It may just be the calming hobby that turns a grumpy early-riser into a go-getter on any day.

Eat a small breakfast

While lots of people (including me) are not hungry first thing in the morning, food is important to fuel us up for the day ahead. I probably won’t be starting off the workday with an egg omelet anytime soon, but it couldn’t hurt to stock up with yogurt and granola. And, of course, water is important to flush out the system and get hydrated.


This, to me, seems like the biggest challenge. I hear stories of friends and family waking up at 5 A.M. for their kickboxing class before strutting to the office. These people are either superheroes, or simply crazy, in my eyes.

But then again, if someone else can do something, why can’t I? It may be easy to start off with a quick 20-minute morning run, then build up from there. Not only will exercise get checked off my list for the day, I’ll be plenty awake by the time I get to work.

Look forward to something

Life is so much better when you wake up looking forward to something. So if there’s nothing exciting happening for the day, I plan to create something exciting! This can be shopping for my favorite breakfast food, planning to get a coffee, waiting to listen to my favorite podcast…there are so many options, and plenty of mornings to come.

What are your tips and tricks for loving mornings? Seriously, help me!

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