The 12 Books I Read in 2017

One of my New Year’s resolutions going into 2017 was to read one book per month. And, unlike most of my resolutions, I actually completed this one! Here are 12 great books I read and would recommend for you to ring in the New Year.

January: The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

I’m an Amy Schumer fan — I’ve always thought she was funny. In her book, you get to see a softer, more personal side to her, as well.

February: The Dinner

The Dinner is a great novel for anyone who likes a mind twist. It was also turned into a movie this year, which I have admittedly not seen yet.

March: The Husband’s Secret

From the same author of Big Little Lies — The Husband’s Secret is an enjoyable thriller. It is very similar in style to Liane Moriarty’s other novels, all of which are a treat.

April: Mystic River

Oh, boy. I know that Mystic River is a well-known classic in literature and on the screen, but it was a little before my time. So I was introduced to the novel this year, and it definitely keeps you on your feet. I had some pretty scary dreams coinciding my time reading this book, but 10/10 would read again.

May: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

This novel is beautiful from start to finish, giving insights on life and history in the Dominican Republic and what it truly means to be an outsider. You’ll tear up a bit.


To contrast the heavier Mystic River and Oscar Wao, I thoroughly enjoyed #GIRLBOSS as a light, easy read. Sophia Amoruso is blunt, cocky, and incredible inspiring.

July: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything is a quick and easy read about teen love and taking risks. It also came out as a movie this year, starring the fabulous Amandla Stenberg.

August: The Sleep Revolution

Do you have a complicated relationship with sleep? Do you neglect it? This book goes into great detail about why a healthy amount of sleep is absolutely necessary for our life. I’ve always loved sleep and definitely get enough, but the information in this book was still jarring.

September: A Thousand Acres

Similar to Mystic RiverA Thousand Acres is an older classic that I didn’t get to read until this year. It’s captivating as hell, showing the complication relationships that live inside of a family and ending with a surprise, disturbing twist.

October: What Happened

I didn’t have any intention of reading What Happened until my friends brought up the idea of reading it as a book club. So I went ahead and bought it. I’m definitely a fan of Hillary Clinton and wanted to read her words, but I thought this novel may open too many fresh wounds of the past election. Although it wasn’t all easy to read, it was definitely inspirational and so worth it.

November: Dark Places

Man, Dark Places is grim. From the author of Gone Girl, this novel tells the story of a woman attempting to move through life years after her family was murdered by her brother during their childhood. However, things may not be exactly as they seem.

December: Orange is the New Black

I’ve know very little about the criminal justice system in the U.S. But, after reading Orange is the New Black, I’m very captivated and disturbed by some processes. This book is different than the popular Netflix show, but it goes deep into what it’s like being in prison and the women who are doing time. Ultimately, I love how it proves that everyone has a story.

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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan December 27, 2017 — 12:03 pm

    I had used exactly the same image for my post on the books I read so I was like “hey!” Nice spread of books.

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